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Cantina "VOCHITO" vw taxi


Cantina "VOCHITO" vw taxi

With the growth of Uber and rideshares and the economy in Mexico changing, the "vochito" taxi is slowly disappearing, but at Cantina we celebrate this iconic Mexico vehicle parked right outside of our gates.


It might seem odd that a German car drove itself into Mexico’s heart. However, the classic Beetle’s simple design and inexpensive upkeep made it a practical choice for many.  It was popular with companies that purchased the Vochito as a fleet car.


 Sometime in the early '90s, government decided to change taxi and other public transport such as Peseros panel color to green, in order to give an impression of "eco transport", and the VWs started to be called "taxis ecológicos" (ecological taxis).

There are more than 140,000 taxicabs in Mexico City,[2] making it one of the largest taxicab fleets in the world.

TIP: The best shot of this iconic vehicle is to get low to capture the foreground from the tires to the hood and to capture the beauty of the candypaint and chrome finishes.

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