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Since our opening in the Summer of 2017 we have been blessed to be received so well by our hometown in Midtown Sacramento. We have been on an upward swing, reinventing our Cantina by focusing on our passions to deliver an authentic Mexican experience and by listening to our customers closely.
We have been honored with 3 different prestigious awards since our opening. Our first year in we were honored with the title of "Best New Restaurant" By Sacramento News & Review.
And the KCRA A List Winner for "Best Mexican Restaurant" and "Most Trendiest Bar"
We continue to push our expectations by seeking out and offering the most authentic Cantina experience.
From Mexican Craft Beers to using fruit as the canvas to our cocktails to our signature Street "Elotes" and our Mexican street art. Visit us soon and "Meet us at the Alley."
We are not only a Cantina, but “La Cantina” where we give you the opportunity to live traditions of our beloved Mexico!
No solo somos una Cantina, si no “La Cantina” donde les damos la oportunidad de vivir tradiciones de nuestro querido México
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