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Cantina "perrito" rooftop dog

Cantina "perrito" rooftop dog

This may be one of the random-est things you see at Cantina Alley or the most natural depending on if you have travelled to Mexico and explored some of the inner city neighborhoods, you have probably seen the many barking dogs on people’s roofs.

But why are their dog’s on roofs? You may ask.


An anonymous rescue organization in San Miguel, Mexico,  was asked to answer this question about why the dogs are on the roofs.

The organization explained that in the many homes in the cities have no yards, so the roof acts like a yard (similar to a New York apartment).

The main reason dogs are placed on roofs, however, is for security, the group explains.

The dogs are meant to dissuade people from burglarizing, though the group added that since in most cases the dogs can’t get down, they can’t do much other than bark. Intruders can easily enter most homes from the lower levels that the dogs can’t reach.

Interestingly, it’s actually illegal to keep your dog on your roof, but that doesn’t seem to dissuade many.

So, are they stuck on the roofs? Yes and no. Many of the dogs cannot get into the house from the rooftop, however some houses are built in such a way that the dogs can get into the house via stairs or a window.

TIP: The best shot of this nostalgic pooch is to shoot el perrito during the daytime as it gets dark up there when the sun sets. Also a nice cloudy day so the sunlight doesnt over/underexpose the shot.

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