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Cantina "Paletero" cart

Cantina "Paletero" cart

Our custom made Paleta cart is usually parked near the front wooden gates of our location, but is often moved around to support themes and photos from Cantina Alley.  

Being a paletero takes a lot of strategy and savvy.

If you grew up in a certain kind of neighborhood, you know exactly what those bells sound like. They produce a distinct, bright ring that somehow echoes on the streets the same way it does at Cantina Alley.

The paleta business began in the 1940s in the city of Tocumbo, Michoacán in Mexico (which has a large paleta statue to celebrate the frozen treat). 


Tocumbians Ignacio Alcazar and Agustin Andrade introduced paletas to Mexico City in the 1940s, and the ice pops eventually made their way to the U.S.

Today, paletas are a summer staple in the city. Consisting of a relationship between suppliers and vendors to choosing the right mix of flavors to attract a diverse clientele. 

TIP: The best shot of this iconic staple of Mexico, is to take a photo of you or a friends with your hands on the cart, as if you are a true Midtown Paletero.

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